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    Ange's Inspirations

    Providing Floral Arrangements for all Occasions.

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    Ange’s Inspirations

    Handmade Art and Crafts

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    Ange’s Inspirations

    Bespoke Art and Craft activity days

Welcome to Ange’s Inspirations

Ange’s Inspirations is run from the village of Calthwaite near Penrith.

About Me

So a little bit about me, I am Angela McManus or most call me Ange. I have lived in and around the Village of Calthwaite most of my life. I’m Mum to one Boy, been with my wonderful better half for more than 10 years. I love taking our beloved dog for walks, whether it’s up a fell or just around our routes we have near the village. I do enjoy to bake and potter in my garden, which brings me “inspiration” for all my floral art and craft creations. 

A bit about Ange’s Inspirations

This set off as a hobby over ten years ago, doing floral creations for different occasions. Over time word of mouth has seen this become what it is today, Creating Floral arrangements for Weddings, Seasonal or Special Occasions, Funerals, Bouquets and many other Occasions. 

On becoming a Mum and have always been arty and having a love of crafts, I started helping out at a school with different Art and Craft ideas. On realising just how much I enjoy doing this and with a few nudges from people, I came to the decision to extend into providing Art and Craft activity days for schools in and around my local area. I also started to realise that it gives children the opportunity to explore and discover, be able to use their imaginations and develop their creativity.